Ben Shaw


PE Professional | Founder | Fellow | Advisor | Author | Host

Seasoned executive and investment professional with extensive entrepreneurial and advisory experience.

BOOK - The First Kudu

The First Kudu shares a narrative-driven non-fiction tale of how HouseME’s pursuit of unicorn status did not always go to plan.

It is a chronicle of the chaos experienced in building a start-up, and it unpacks in gritty detail the memorable lessons learnt along the way.

The book was launched in November 2023 (ISBN 978-1-7764432-6-0) under TMP publishers and is available for purchase at all leading bookshops and online stores. Audio book now also available.

PODCASTS - Shapers

Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers is a podcast show interviewing extraordinary people who are moving the needle in significant ways. Founded by Riël Mallan, the show has been growing since 2021 and Ben Shaw joined as a co-host in 2023.

Building technology start-ups in Africa